We change: How our rebranding process transformed us beyond our brand

Inviting companies to review their culture is our job. But what happened when we were asked to review ours?

Over Sensorama’s 8 years of existence, it has changed. The approach that was previously more product-oriented has become more complex, encompassing business strategies, enterprise, UX culture and employee experience. We felt that branding needed to follow that had already taken place in practice. The large projects and companies we worked with already placed us as a consultancy specialized in research and strategy. How can this positioning reach even more businesses and people?

Previous version of our logo

In the same way that many clients begin their journey with us, we realized the complexity of the challenge that we had in our hands and the first step was to look for a to guide us in what would be an intense and interesting process of self-knowledge, which involved companies that already hired our services, our team, other people who was once a part of it… And, of course, our leadership. We found ourselves in the position that our clients occupy in the projects we execute and this brought us several insights.

Insights of the group dynamic facilitated by MOVE.

Looking inside is not always comfortable

At first we were afraid (we were petrified). What the answer to the questions asked by the consultancy would say about our leadership? Not taking it personally is a challenge. As designers, we need to let go of the design of a brand that we created years ago. This requires openness and an understanding that change is part of business. With that, we started reviewing our own culture.

Our expectations are not always fulfilled

And it happens for better or for worse. In our case, when the research results came in, the fear of being exposed was allayed. We even missed some criticism. Many of the points brought by our customers were convergent with our purpose, such as our ability to solve complex problems and the support we give to customers to make companies less bureaucratic.

Process gaps can generate anxiety

Our position as a “consultancy receiving consultancy” placed us in a position where in addition to the stated objective of the project (which was the repositioning of our brand) we were able to review other issues in our own processes. For instance, during the research phase we did not receive information about the project for three weeks. Well, we also didn’t used to report to our customers during the research phase. Strangeness became learning: we insert weekly reports in the research stages of the projects so that our clients can progressively follow the evolution of work.

Branding is not identity: it is voice

The analysis of the research carried out made all the difference and helped us to understand that it was not a change of our identity. We are who we are, we do what we do and from this process in partnership with MOVE we were able to get to know ourselves even better to het to the most genuine way of transmitting this through our brand, our behavior and our vision for the future.

All of this was summed in one sentence: Inspired by People.

If there is one thing that has remained constant over the past 8 years, it is the centrality that people have in our work. By placing users at the center through the lens of design and innovation, we are able to see the world and business opportunities as they are: complex, imperfect, impermanent and diverse.

Illustrations were created to endorse the brand

Listening to people inspires us to create new, more creative, innovative and efficient ways of working. Being heard has transformed us and with this the desire to share knowledge was consolidated. Our knowledge is collective. It’s knowledge inspired by people.

In Sensorama’s publication on Medium — Inspired by People — from today on you get in touch with the many voices that support our purpose: our team. Cases and insights about UX Design, Service Design, Innovation and, of course, People.

We are a UX Design & Service Design team who wants to make business human again. We are inspired by people.

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